List of Assessed Real Properties

      One of the functions of the Municipal Assessor is to conduct frequent physical survey to verify and determine whether real properties within the province are properly listed in the assessment rolls.

      It is in this regard that the office Municipal Assessor and Staff are constantly conducting ocular inspections and assessments of newly discovered properties most particularly residential, commercial, industrial buildings and machineries, which could be one of the sources of financing basic functions of the local government.

     Here are the list of real properties that we assessed and were approved by the Provincial assessor’s office to wit:

3-Storey Commercial Building (Empio)
Location: Bermejo Extension Cabatuan
MV: 2,742, 640.00
AV:  1,919,850.00
2-Storey Residential Building (Pendon)
Location: Tabucan, Cabatuan
MV: 2,461,920.00
AV:      984,770.00
2-Storey Residential Building (Boteja)
Location: Tabucan, Cabatuan
MV: 2,360,480.00
AV:      944,190.00
1-Storey Residential Building (Prieto)
Location: Amerang, Cabatuan
MV: 977,800.00
AV:  293,340.00
1-Storey Residential Building (Malaga)
Location: Tiring, Cabatuan
MV: 1,398,380.00
AV:      489,430.00
1-Storey Residential Building (Morata)
Location: Zacarias Subdivision, Cabatuan
MV: 717,730.00
AV:  179,430.00

2-Storey Residential Building (Renovated) (Quiamas)
Location: Baluyan, Cabatuan
MV: 1,466,430.00
AV:      513,250.00
1-Storey Commercial Building
Location: Bermejo Street, Cabatuan
MV: 401,350.00
AV:  140,470.00
1-Storey Residential Building (Taberna)
Location: Gines Patag, Cabatuan
MV: 478,330.00
AV:     98,670.00
1-Storey Residential House (Canto, Jasper)
Location: Bacan, Cabatuan
MV: 600,800.00
AV:  150,200.00
2-Storey Residential Building (Sujede, Erwin)
Location: Baluyan, Cabatuan
MV: 1,502,240.00
AV:      525,780.00
1-Storey Residential Building (Decir)
Location: Baluyan, Cabatuan, Iloilo
MV: 327,540.00
AV:     65,510.00