As the youth comprises the largest portion of population growth, they are considered one of the most important assets of the government, if harnessed to their fullest potential. Thus, the youth’s participation in state affairs, especially those which relate to their interests, cannot be overemphasized. The challenge then to the Government is how to mobilize effectively this large youth population to help in the social, economic, and cultural development of our country.

          Towards this goal, the Local Youth Development Council (LYDC) in the Municipality of Cabatuan was created. The LYDC shall be responsible for the formulation of policies and implementation of youth development programs, projects, and activities.

          In allowing youth representation, the Local Government will be fulfilling its constitutional mandate of encouraging participation of youth in all government as well as nongovernment programs, projects, and activities, thus harnessing their full potential as active partners in nation-building.

          In accordance to Municipal Special Ordinance NO. 2019-01, authored by Honorable Kim Harvey Y. Tormon, the Local Chief Executive issued an Executive Order No. 2021-11 entitled “An order reorganizing the Municipal Youth Development Council in the Municipality of Cabatuan, Iloilo”.

          The Local Youth Development Council was composed by school-based youth organizations, community based organizations, and faith based organizations.

          Last April 19, 2021, the Local Youth Development Council conducted its 1st Meeting to approve the 3-year Local Youth Developmental Plan (FY 2021-2023) of the Municipality of Cabatuan. The LYDP is a 3-year strategic direction for youth development at the Municipal Level.