Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:
The gateway of Western Visayas to the World, a Progressive Municipality with Diversified and Robust Economy whose Resilient and Empowered Citizenry Live in a Balanced Environment Served by Pro-active Local Government.

Our Mission:

         Serve pro-actively by delivering  efficient and effective Social Services such as health, education, local protective services and social welfare and development  services (HELPS) to the constituents;

  • Develop a diversified and robust economy by improving farmers’ capacity to increase yield and income for food security and 100% rice self-sufficiency;
  • Introduce an adaptive measures against climate change to ensure sustainability on agricultural produce;
  • Develop and expand agricultural and commercial sub-sectors of local economic development by facilitating the establishment of sustainable industries that cater the processing of Cabatuan’s products;
  • Promote the diversified growth of commerce, trade, industry and tourism activities to increase employment/income;
  • Ensure a balance environment by implementing  environmental laws, rules and regulations for the safety of an empowered and resilient citizenry;